Regina Frank, The Artist is Present

Regina Frank's Former Works

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  • "Sans Souci" was a-dressing history.

  • "L'Adieu- Pearls before Gods" - Here I spent 28 days in the Broadway window of the New Museum of Contemporary Art working for 28 different hourly wages.

  • "Hermes' Mistress" was almost two years of travel in, under and with a-dress gathering interesting bits of information.

  • In "Searching for Babata" I was catching thoughtflies in a golden cage.

  • "Natura Viva" was a stil-live. A dress, wilting and blossing- transitory and liquid like information.

    These five examples of work are "grown" in collaboration with Edward Stein who I want to thank for his continous exchange, effort and "on-line remote control and reflection" since 1992.