"Hermes'Mistress" in New York at Exit Art/The First World from 17.9.-22.10.94
a Performance-Installation
by Regina Frank in collaboration with Edward Stein

Hermes' Mistress

A traveling long-duration-performance and installation by Regina Frank -"The Artist is Present" in collaboration with Edward Stein

The flirtation with the messenger of the gods, Hermes, is an investigation of the global, immaterial exchange of information in the virtual space. "Hermes Mistress" attempts to bridge high technology with the traditional technique of handiwork. She begins daily her quest by selecting and collecting information from the "Internet," the global information network, that reaches her in nanoseconds from all over the world. The intangible data, once harvested, is saved onto her portable computer at which point she begins the now manual task of materializing the text with letter beads , as embroidery for the red silk gown that she wears. In spirals the chains of information swirl up her dress, slowly and delicately detailing the island that Hermes' Mistress surrounds herself with.

Regina Frank's journey in the huge dress began originally in New York, at the gallery Exit Art/ The First World in the exhibition "Let the Artist Live." She continued her performance in Berlin in the window of Kunsthalle in the exhibition "fenster im netz" (window in the net) presented by Art+Com e.V., Berlin. Her next step led to London to the Independent Art Space presented by Gallery Eigen&Art and to "Divisions of Labor" at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York, to "The red Queen" at Frauenmuseum Bonn, Germany, and to "Divisions of Labor" at MOCA, Los Angeles and to the exhibition "Join Me" at Spiral-Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo.

Her journey will continue until the spiral reaches the center of her body.

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